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WalkAround "Tee" Polycarbonate HardTop

WalkAround “Tee’ Polycarbonate HardTop
Also Available in Sunbrella And Fiberglass
Introductory Pricing $2499 ($2799 with 4 rod rocket launcher)

Ships anywhere in 48 states: $175*
No tax outside of NJ

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Bimini Buster

Polycarbonate plastics have been used in marine applications for many years. For example, most hatches are manufactured with a metal frame into which is set a translucent polycarbonate. Polycarbonates are also used in everything from bullet proof vehicle
windows to commercial architecture roofing and siding.

Atlantic Towers is continually seeking ways to bring high quality hardtops to the recreational boating aftermarket at affordable prices. We have taken extruded polycarbonate sheets and combined them with a proprietary custom anodized aluminum extrusion to make a light weight (little more than a traditional Sunbrella top) universal fit hardtop system for virtually every Walkaround style boat.

Light weight means that a "Tower In A Box" polycarbonate hardtop can be added to any Walkaround boat without risk of upsetting the boat's stability, diminishing speed, and without the need for adding fiberglass reinforcement.

Bimini Buster Walkaround Tee Polycarb Hardtop Walkaround Tee Polycarb Hardtop
Super Strong Honeycomb Extruded Polycarbonate Panel Polygal Top Polygal Top

Our ATL6 extrusion provides a recess to allow the polycarbonate honeycomb panel to fit nearly flush with the top surface, yet allows for the very different expansion characteristics of aluminum extrusions and polycarbonate plastics without visible gaps or fasteners.

The ATL6 extrusion also features a flat surface on the interior to allow for the installation of aluminum canvas rail for the fitting of a full weather tight enclosure.

Atlantic Towers manufactures WA Tee Polycarbonate Tops with or without a fully welded rocket launcher assembly (gold anodized rod holders are a Special Order option). A variety of accessory kits and fittings make it easy to add flat plates for antennas, navigation lights, deck flood lamps, etc. at any time.

Fully Adjustable legs allow the WalkAround "Tee" Polycarbonate Hardtop to be custom configured during assembly for nearly all walkaround cabin on boats to 25'

Supporting legs may be mounted "outside" or "inside" as shown in the illustrations.

walk around opt 1 walk around opt 2

Legs assemble easily to the top frame without drilling.  Because our proprietary clamps will not mar the finish, the legs may be repositioned as often as you wish during the assembly process for a perfect fit.


Legs may be trimmed to length before installation of base fittings to adjust WalkAround “Tee” Hardtop to optimum height regardless of base pad mounting location.

Choice of 2" diameter or 3 1/2" diameter base pads make locating and mounting the legs simple. All the bases accommodate any angled surface. No fairing pads needed for perfectly flat fit.

pinpad 17 16

Generously sized polycarbonate top measures 70” wide by 78” long. The top features a flat inside surface to make installation of canvas rail simple.

92 925

Metric 925 Metric 92

High Strength welded frame of schedule 40 marine grade aluminum pipe 1 1/2" I.D. which measures 1.9" outside diameter, finished in durable salt resistant bright clear anodizing.

Aluminum Pipe

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