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Trampoline T-Top

Just have a look at this side by side comparison of the structural integrity of Adjustable T-Tops. The first tower shown is the Atlantic Towers "Tower in a Box" T-Top. Second up is the Taco brand Neptune. Last in line is the Fishmaster.

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Structural Integrity Test

Atlantic Towers is the originator of the adjustable T-top and recently we have been flattered by imitators. We believe we have the best looking, easiest to assemble, and strongest T-top available, but to be sure, we purchased (thru normal retail channels) two of our imitators T-tops, The Taco Neptune, a Chinese import, and the Fishmaster. All three T-tops were unpacked from Factory sealed cartons, and assembled on identical consoles in accordance with their manufacturers' instructions. We invited Mike Smith, author and boating writer to observe the proceedings. You can read Mike's full story at (URL?) but here is a short video of the kind of real world test we believe every T-top should be able to withstand.

First we have one man (about 240 pounds) suspended from the top frame of each tower with another man on the front of our console for counter balance. The Atlantic Towers product is obviously the most rigid of the three, The Taco Neptune yields slightly and takes a permanent bend, and the Fishmaster is already beginning to give way completely.

Then we repeat the test with two men (about 420 pounds) suspended from the top of each frame. The Taco Neptune, and Fishmaster towers were damaged by this weight due to a weak joint in the frame top. The Taco T-top is permanently bent, but usable. The Fishmaster is bent beyond being useful by this amount of weightwhile the Atlantic Towers Trampoline T-Top is not affected whatsoever.

When you're out Fishing with a couple of buddies, you need something substantial to grab when you're running the inlet, or get hit broadside with a wave or wake.

This test is pretty clear, the one to reach for is the Atlantic Tower.

Still shots from the video

Atlantic Towers - Tower in a Box Trampoline T-Top

One Man

Two Men

Taco - Neptune

One Man

Two Men

Fishmaster - T-Top

One Man

Two Men