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Commercial Duty Fiberglass T-Top $2699

New! Redesigned for easier Assembly and installation.

Trampoline T-Top

Hand laid molded fiberglass top in wind deflecting design with annodized aluminum reinforcing grid. Fiberglass white exterior, with gel coated interior. Choice of two hardtop sizes; 54” x 70” and 63” x 84”. Owners of boats in the 17’ to 21’ range will likely prefer the 54” x 70” top, although with a larger boat, the 54” x 70” will provide plenty of coverage and minimum interference. The 63” x 84” has been installed on boats to 34’ with 9’ beam. This top is nearly 37 sq. feet and provides plenty of coverage for larger boats.

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commercial duty

There is a molded in 2” perimeter overhang, providing for easy fitting on a full gunnel width enclosure. Of course, if you are actively fishing light tackle, the “telephone booth” style enclosure is for you. you.

Fully beam-adjustable legs, will fit consoles widths up to 50" wide with the 54" x 70" hardtop and 59" wide with the 63" x 84" hardtop. Offset feet, allow legs to be placed tight to sides of console.

Trampoline Top

Light weight; An all fiberglass hand laid T-top doesn't have to be heavy, the 54" x 70" T-top weighs about 100 pounds, and the 63" x 84" just 25 pounds more.

Radar, antennas, flood lights and navigation lights mount directly on the hardtop, while wiring may be concealed inside the frame and leg structure.

Eight mounting points secure the Atlantic Commercial Duty Fiberglass T-top to the deck in four locations and to each side and the centerline of the console. Adjustable sway braces are standard.

Available Options:

Optional 4 rod Rocket Launcher.

deck lamps

MP15000 55 Watt Deck Lamps Option
55 watt conventional halogen deck flood lamp with replaceable bulb in waterproof housing. Current draw, 4.8 amps each, 9.6 amps a pair at 12 volts. Wire with minimum 14 gauge (always used tinned stranded wire for marine applications). Includes choice of mounting bracket to fit any Atlantic Towers structure.
Sold in Pairs $149

Wide leg configurations to accommodate side doors in console or other special requirements $100.


MA22600 Anchor/Running Light, a two way navigation lamp installed on an anodized aluminum mast with anodized finish to match the T-top supporting structure Functions as all round light with both sides illuminated, or forward steaming light with just forward half illuminated. Mounts directly on fiberglass T-top $159.

Commercial Duty T-top Pricing

54 x 70 T-top with standard leg TIB4142/55.1 $2599
54 x 70 T-top with standard leg & 4 Welded Aluminum Rod Holders TIB4142/55.1CR $2789
54 x 70 T-top with "wide" leg TIB5354/55.1 $2599
54 x 70 T-top with "wide" leg & 4 Welded Aluminum Rod Holders TIB5354/55.1CR $2789
63 x 84 T-top w/standard leg & brace TIB4344/75.1 $3099
63 x 84 T-top with standard leg brace & 6 Welded Aluminum Rod Holders TIB4344/75.1CR $3399
63 x 84 T-top with "wide" leg & brace TIB7374/75.1 $3099
63 x 84 T-top with "wide" leg, brace & 6 Welded Aluminum Rod Holders TIB7374/75.1CR $3399

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