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Solar Arch

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Universal Arch Design Makes Installations on Hundreds of Other Makes and Models Possible

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Standard Sail Arch, distance between forward legs and after legs is the same

Standard Capacity Schedule 40

High Capacity Schedule 80

Adjusts to fit 78” to 90”




Adjusts to fit 88” to 100”




Adjusts to fit 92” to 112”




Adjusts to fit 104” to 123”




See diagram here.

Offset Sail Arch, distance between forward legs is 10” greater than after legs (legs do not adjust independently, differential between forward legs and after legs is fixed at 10”)

Standard Capacity Schedule 40

High Capacity Schedule 80

Adjusts to fit 78” to 90” forward;
68” to 80” aft




Adjusts to fit 88” to 100” forward; 78” to 90” aft




Adjusts to fit 92” to 112” forward; 82” to 102” aft




Adjusts to fit 104” to 123” forward; 94” to 113” aft




Adjusts to fit 118"” to 130” forward; 108” to 120” aft




Adjusts to fit 128"” to 140” forward; 118” to 130” aft




Adjusts to fit 138"” to 150” forward; 128” to 140” aft




See diagram 1, 2.

Super Sail Arch Xtra High Capacity, 2"ID super sized material

Super Sail Arch Super Sail Arch Super Sail Arch

Adjusts to fit 120” to 170”



Adjusts to fit 120"” to 170” forward; 110” to 160” aft



Please Call for information on specific yacht applications; certain customizable dimensions are possible at additional cost

Prices and specifications are subject to change, please call for current information

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Universal Arch Makes Installations on Hundreds of Other Makes and Models Possible

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Aluminum PipeFor Sailors, the "Tower in a Box" Arch from Atlantic Towers is designed to mount to the deck, transom, hull sides or a combination. The approximate 30 degree angle, clears most existing biminis, back stays, and pushpits. Mounting hardware (feet) is shipped loose and epoxied and screwed into the legs at the time of installation. The legs may be trimmed for the best overall height, and at unequal lengths to facilitate installation. There is a choice of mounting hardware, with 3.5" or 2" diameter bases. Our proprietary pin and pad mounting system accommodates any angled mounting surface.
Telescoping design allows adjustment to fit many different transoms and applications.

High Strength welded frame of schedule 40 marine grade aluminum pipe nearly 2" in diameter, with secondary reinforcement of nearly 1 3/8" in diameter finished in durable salt resistant bright clear anodizing

The Arch has the appearance and strength of a custom welded unit when installed on your boat. It weighs less than 100 pounds, and is strong enough to support the weight of two persons for the installation of equipment.

Every Arch includes a large (approximately 12" x 12") radar plate, plus four 4" wide mounting plates which will accommodate up to six additional antennas. Radar cables, antenna cables and other wiring may be concealed inside the frame The Arch is mounted to your boat in four locations with our proprietary "Pin & Pad" mounting hardware. These fittings have nylon bushings which help isolate any vibration in the Arch from the fiberglass surface of your boat. The "Pin & Pad" fittings also allow mounting to any angled surface, and easy dismounting of the arch (just remove the four 3/8" bolts) for storage or transport. You have a choice of 3-1/2" 5 bolt bases click here for details, or 2" diameter 2 bolt bases click here (new page, Kit #6 detail) Cupped feet, to allow direct pass thru of electrical cables are available at additional cost.


Everything is included for a complete installation on most boats, even backing plates along with instructions and a video detailing all the steps of the installation.


New for Spring 2015, "Tower In A Box" arch bridges include a snap-in Sintra cover panel in radar plate to conceal wiring. A feature borrowed from our Custom Structures.


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Available Options:

Atlantic Towers manufactures a wide variety of fittings and specialty hardware that allow Sail Arch owners to design and build a variety of individualized applications. Including Solar Panel array supports. Davit arms, lifting eyes, outboard motor brackets, etc.

Clamp on Wind Generator Base & Mast
KIT77000 - Top Mount: $499
KIT77700 - Side Mount: $399

Wind Generator Base and Mast can be clamped anywhere on the top of your arch. Comes with a 40' length of 1 1/2" Schd.40 which can be permanently fitted into the receiver with two part epoxy, or made removable with the use of machine screws or quick release pins. The 1.90" outer diameter of the 1 1/2" schd.40 pipe fits many popular wind generators.

KIT78000 Clamp Assembly/Lifting Eye.
Sold as pairs $199

An extruded anodized aluminum clamp assembly that can be used to secure a lifting tackle to the arch.

KIT79000 Extension davits. Sold as pairs $599

Can be mounted to top of arch to extend the "pick point" of the lifting eyes up to 24" behind arch. Includes two 42" Schd.80 extensions, end caps, curved washers, clamp assembly lifting eyes, and all hardware needed for installation. Some drilling required.

KIT76000 Solar Panel Mounting Kit $319

Allows you to mount solar panels anywhere on your arch. Kit contains (2) 65" lengths of 1" x 2" x 1/8" rectangular aluminum tube, (4) plastic end caps, (8) Curved Washers, and all hardware needed for installation. Some Drilling Required

Custom Solar Panel Mounts.
We offer a full line of parts and accessories that can be combined to create your own custom mounting solution. For pricing and more information please call 1-800-831-8889

adjusto 2

Need more rod holders? Individual Adjust-O-Launcher aluminum rod holders can be mounted anywhere on the perimeter of the Sail Arch framework. A unique patented design available exclusively from Atlantic Towers, manufactured from all aluminum in natural aluminum or gold anodized finish Adjust-O-Launchers can be pivoted thru 12 positions for unmatched flexibility. Fits all marine standard 1-1/2” pipe (1.90” o.d.)
AJ30500C Clear Anodizing: $129.00
AJ30500G Gold Anodizing: $159.00

adjusto assembly

Clamp on Cleat $119

An extruded anodized aluminum clamp allows you to add a cleat anywhere on your Atlantic Towers Sail Arch.

Kayak or Paddleboard Rack

Made from 1 1/2" schd. 40 anodized aluminum pipe with an outer diameter measuring 1.9" and features eye bolts for tying down equipment along with grip rail to prevent any slipping or damage. With three different clamp on or bolt on versions available, the rack can be clamped or bolted to existing arches, hardtops, davit systems, bow rails, and foredecks.
Bolt on Rack: $449
Clamp on Rack: $389

**NOTE: There is a 10% re-stocking charge for cancelled or returned merchandise**

Due to our dedication to continued product improvement, we reserve the right to make changes without notice.